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Combining cubes type 1 and 2 are somewhat similar, however they will be explained separately. In combining cubes type two, one cube of 2x2x2 will be displayed for you. Below the cube 3 groups of bricks are shown. You are required to answer which of the 3 groups of bricks can be combined into the cube above. Please see the example below.

Correct anwser is point L

Peter is at point K facing east. He proceed as follows:
East on Atlantic Rd. - first road right - second road right - First road left - First junction left - stops at the end of the block. At which point is he now?

Directions Exercise

Splitting Figures Folding Paper Combining Cubes #1 Combining Cubes #2
Splitting Figures Folding Paper Combining Cubes 1 Combining Cubes 2

Random Splitting Cubes #1 Splitting Cubes #2 Folding Cubes
Random Splitting Cubes 1 Splitting Cubes 2 Folding Cubes


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