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The Spatial IQ Trainer is a great way for you to improve your Spatial Intelligence. The Spatial IQ Trainer includes more than 350 different questions giving you the essential edge that you'll need.
The software is online based, which mean that you can access it from any computer, any where.

The Spatial IQ Trainer include two ways of practice; training mode and test mode.

In training mode you can go through the questions at your own pace, there is no time limit. After you answered a question you will be given immediate feedback, informing you of the correct answer.

In test mode you are under a time limit. You will not be given feedback until all questions has been answered. This is a great way to mimmic real test situations.

The test includes 9 different categories of exersices, these can be seen below. Click the categories for more information.

Splitting Figures Folding Paper Combining Cubes #1 Combining Cubes #2 Directions
Splitting Figures Folding Paper Combining Cubes 1 Combining Cubes 2 Directions

Random Splitting Cubes #1 Splitting Cubes #2 Folding Cubes
Random Splitting Cubes 1 Splitting Cubes 2 Folding Cubes

Spatial IQ Trainer

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